HW-DT8 Antenna Mark 3 UHF/VHF


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The DT8 Dual Loop patent design is new & radical giving consistent high gain as well as good front to back ratio, which means a superior performance over a long distance in country locations. It has forgiving aiming characteristics with 70 degrees of beam width which allows DT8 to receive signal without pointing directly toward transmission tower.

Code HW-DT8 is for antenna head only.  The most universal Bracket & Mast to go with the DT8 is the “Multi-Fit”, Antenna Bracket of web page

Benefits & Features

  • Retail price 20% cheaper than the DX2700 antenna @ $199.00 rec retail inc GST .
  • Our registered designed swing head included.
  • Inside & outside cables supplied and all cables to FOXTEL type digital standard & use life lasting comperssion plugs.
  • Digital screw Thru-Van-Wall DIY fitting (HW019) included in pack. Ensures no, repeat no signal loss thru van wiring
  • 100% compatible with HD TV tuners so totally digital ready.
  • Receives very low powered DTV country stations.
  • UHF/VHF antenna  (VHF about 5% of Australian locations & only in Capital city regions)
  • An optional booster is available but we feel that boosting will be rarely needed as DT8 puts very weak signal onto TV. See Booster section and “Easy Tune” combined signal finder & booster all in 1 unit & test result below but does not hurt to have optional booster for a few weak signal areas.
  • Antenna has long range capabilities so it suits most Australian locations.
  • No power needed so can be used with 240 and 12 volt RV’s ( a real problem with DX2700 for 12 volt solved)
  • 5 year guarantee.
  • Very easy to assemble, (YouTube video below assists this process).
  • Fits all our current bracket & mast types. Note. antenna is separate to Mast & Bracket (best bracket & mast is HW-M/FB product – See ANTENNA BRACKETS section)

Additional information

Weight 2.05 kg
Dimensions 10 × 32 × 46 cm